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NONS Instant Back

NONS Instant Back

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* 1 year warranty.

Instax Square Film back for the Hasselblad.

Full range focus without adjusting the viewfinder or focusing screen.



Confirmed available models:

  • 500C, 500CM
  • 501C, 501CM
  • 503CX, 503CXi, 503CW
  • 1000F
  • 2000 FCM
  • SWC, SWC/M, 903SWC
  • PME5, PME51 Finder

Confirmed NOT available models:

  • 200 series
  • 500ELM, 553ELX
  • Flexbody
  • NC2 Prism Finder

    Other models are not confirmed. We cannot guarantee the availability.



    • Film ejection by electric motor controlled by MCU
    • Film counter
    • Battery status display


    Click here for the online manual.

    • Mechanical dimension: 129 x 111 x 50 mm (width x height x depth)
    • Weight: 330 g
    • Power supply: 2040 mAh Li-ion battery. Input: DC 5V, 1A
    • Film: Fujifilm instax square film, ISO 800
    • Film size: 72 x 86 mm (width x height)
    • Picture size: 62 x 62 mm (width x height)
    • Package: NONS Instant Back, USB Type-A to Type-C cable, Stainless Steel Dark Slide (The dark slide can only reduce light leak temporarily. When you want to remove the instant back with unexposed film inside from the camera body, firstly insert dark slide, take off the instant back and put it in a light tight cloth bag or box at once)

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