NONS Instant Back Manual

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Please manipulate the dark slide after winding the camera. The dark slide will be damaged when the gear is out of the slot.



Confirmed available models:

  • 500C, 500CM
  • 501C, 501CM
  • 503CX, 503CXi, 503CW
  • 1000F
  • 2000 FCM
  • SWC, SWC/M, 903SWC
  • PME5, PME51 Finder

Confirmed NOT available models:

  • 200 series
  • 500ELM, 553ELX
  • Flexbody
  • NC2 Prism Finder

    Other models are not confirmed. We cannot guarantee the availability.


    Charging Tips

    • Type-C charging port of the instant back did not support QC protocols. The USB Type-C to Type-C cables and high power adapters (>40W) are usually not available for charging
    • USB Type-A to Type-C cables are always available with DC output of 5V1A (5W) or 5V2A (10W). The power adapter usually has a USB Type-A output port
    • Available for power bank
    • Available for charging while using
    • The indicator beside the charging port will be red when charging and turn green when charging complete. the product is not in charge status if the indicator did not light up


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