NONSENSE Episode 1: Making a Hasselblad instax square back

Welcome to the NONSENSE series.

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We are now a month away. Is there any knowledge of the release date yet?


Will buy it in a song – glad that you are infinity focusing and no extra optics!

One suggestion – the border needs to be a little bit more"crisp/sharp". I guess if you machine the edge to be sharp and straight and maybe using silicone gasket to flock will do the trick! Then the black 56×56 think border will be fantastic!

Also – if you need help – Happy to assist with fine tuning – got all lenses from 50 mm Distagon, through 500mm Tele-Tessar and both C and CF lenses and also an original bellows macro system!


Depending on current response, this product is very possible to be batch produced. We will release more info later, please stay tuned.

NONS team

do you have a planned release date for this?

Alin Tolea

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