Production process in April

Hello everyone, here are the briefings of the production progress.

SL42 mark 2 camera body has been ready and the latest firmware will be updated in recent days.

Major updates:

  • Light meter will display recommended aperture by half stops. More detailed F/# will improve the experience for proper exposure.
  • Quickly multi click the film-eject button 4 times to change the default F/# display from ‘with NFE’ to ‘w/o NFE’.  Please multi click it when no film inside.
Display sample


Online manual of SL42 mark 2 is available now.


The production of NFE elements has began.

Grinding process
Vacuum coating process

We will send out the survey to collect your delivery & upgrade info 2 weeks earlier before NFE is ready for shipping. And keep you updated about the production progress. 

Based on current situation, we have a good chance to start shipping earlier in May. We will try our best to accelerate the production process. Please stay tuned!