NONS SL42 Mk1 MANUAL (discontinued)


How to correct diopter

The viewfinder eyepiece is neutral and not adjustable. But you could install an extra Nikon DK-20C diopter corrector onto it with the viewfinder kit in the box.

install the viewfinder kit

install the diopter correcter via side slots
  • Nikon DK-20C diopter range:-5 ~ +3
  • -, negative for nearsighted
  • +, positive for farsighted
  • You could refer the glass degree and divide 100 to calculate the diopter

The diopter of updated Mark I is neutral. And the diopter of early batch SL42 Mark I is native -3 and you could adjust it based on this diopter.


The viewfinder kit is also available for Nikon DK-21 eyecup.